Thank you to Miss Abbey for her order! I did 5 of these aprons for her bridesmaids and I think they turned out adorable! I did not make the apron.. she picked them out and had them shipped to me.

Do you or anyone you know want to do something personalized for your bridesmaids???


Craft and Bake Sale!

Here are the burp cloths I am selling at the SEBTS Craft and Bake Sale on Saturday. They are $5 for the cute fabric burp cloths and I can personalize one for you for $8 like the ones you see in the front. Let me know if you would like to see the fabrics I have available... just got lots of new ones!!


Filling Christmas orders!

I have been fairly busy all week since getting back from holiday break trying to finish up all of my Christmas orders. Here are the 3 that I remembered to take pictures of, and thank you as well to Linda, Tara and Kassi for your orders as well! I got so excited to give them to you that I didnt take any pictures ha!

Hankies for Debbie
Stockings for Leah
And 2 burpies for Caitlin

More orders!

Thank you Ashley for ordering Miss Maddie's crayon roll!
Byerly's crayon roll and 2 boy burpies

Debbie's 2 girl burpies and bloomers

And Jordan's 3 boy burpies!

I have been busy but loving it! Thank you everyone for your orders :)